An ethically-led business doing things the right way

Patricia Dillon

Patricia Dillon

Aaron Dillon

Aaron Dillon

Run by experienced linguists

A family-run business doing things the right way. C21 Translations (C21) is run by us, Aaron and Patricia Dillon. We both hold environmental degrees and met whilst working for an ethical company in 2000. We moved to Cornwall, UK, to start a life together, and Patricia began a career as a freelance linguist, specialising in environmental translation. Aaron also stepped into the language industry, firstly as an English teacher, then in global marketing and sales for a language school. Travels ensued, exploring Indonesia & Thailand, working and living in South Korea & France.

Throughout this time our dream to work together on an environmental business began taking shape in the form of an environmentally-friendly translation agency. The challenge of problem solving, the joy of multicultural and multilingual interactions and our passion for treading respectfully all came together and C21 was born in early 2018.

Who we work with

Our clients come from a diverse range of sectors and industries, wherever they are on the “green spectrum”.

C21 is an expert in environmental translation. Our core team includes linguists who specialise in specific areas of environmental translation such as agriculture, alternative energy, climate change, green constructions, pollution, recycling, renewable resources, waste management, etc.

The materials we can translate include annual reports, educational resources, international agreements, laws and legislations, mass media materials, project descriptions and updates, scientific articles, subtitles, website content, etc. We can translate from and into Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. We also take on assignments that require proficiency in other languages, just let us know what you need and if we can source the relevant expertise, then we will confidently offer our services to you.

About our work

So… you need something translated. Whether or not this is your first time, you may not know what happens behind the scene. Fancy an insight?

When it comes to finding someone to translate, the main options for you tend to be:

1. Find one or more linguist(s)

2. Find a middleman to liaise between you and the linguist(s)

With option 1, you’ll need to manage the translation assignment from start to end, bearing in mind that there are over 640,000 translators in the world. You may already have a go-to linguist, and if you have every confidence in the translator, most excellent! However, if you need to look for someone, as the marketplace is highly competitive with next to no barriers to entry, finding the right linguist(s) for you may prove a very time-consuming process, with no guarantee of the quality of the end-result.

If you opt for the middleman solution, you have the choice between a company with in-house linguists and an agency who outsources the work to freelancers. Most linguists work in-house for either a company or more specifically, a language service provider. Freelancers, who make up over a quarter of all linguists, work sometimes for direct clients and/or most of the time, for translation agencies.

We are one such translation agency; we team up with freelance linguists who are experts in their fields of translation. We have developed a list of carefully screened experts who have proven experience in working as part of an overall, albeit virtual, team. We coordinate the linguists, proofreaders and necessary software requirements for a quick turnaround of quality work so you don’t have to.